Do you feel tired?

posted on 25 Jan 2008 09:03 by a-walee


It's the same old painful story
about my ex-lover that make me cry.
I've already done everything for him.
But it seems he just doesn't see or appreciate it.

Being a kind/good person who is not the love of his life.
Sometimes i ask myself whether i'm trying/pushing too hard for the love that might not exist.
Whether i am exhausted with the love that is not worthwhile.

For those who doesn't care, he will never change.
Be strong and tell yourself that you've had enough.

No more loving him,no need to regret about it.
Cause he doesn't mean that much to me.
I'd be ok without him.
No need to know/hear anything about him,
just be with yourself.
Without him, you hv nothing to cry for.

Love, do you know how much love can hurt you at the same time?
Do you feel tired?
Sometimes his love might not worth your tear.
For those with no heard, i won't love you